Fiber fast internet is just the beginning

There’s nothing like our fiber internet delivered right to your home. Get strong, consistent connections with amazing speeds and a responsive connection. Plus, you can connect over 250+ devices simultaneously.
It’s Internet the way it should be.

Fiber Internet For Your Home

Internet experience claims represent maximum network service capabilities.  Actual subscriber experiences may vary and are based on several factors,. These factors include, but are not limited to, technology delivery method and the presence of third party networking  equipment. We do not recommend or support third party routers. 

No Buffering

Blanca Networks turns your fiber connection into the ultimate online adventure.

With our fiber internet, you won’t experience service interruptions – whether you’re streaming 4k movies, facetiming family and friends, playing video games or doing them all at the same time.

Get our Extreme Speed Wi-Fi for a truly remarkable experience.

Premium Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6

  • Powerful Wi-Fi 
  • 5x the range of a standard router
  • Uninterrupted surfing, streaming, and gaming 
  • Mobile app to control and customize your in-home Wi-Fi
  • Protection against viruses, intrusions, and malicious websites for your entire home
  • Connect 250+ devices simultaneously 
  • Enforce your internet rules by setting up profiles for specific devices, filter content, and setup time limits and offline hours ($10/mo)


What Our Neighbors Say

Blanca Networks has been providing telephone service for decades, now with high speed internet and cable TV they're bringing the San Luis Valley into the future. Good job. Keep it up!
With fiber to the home in Blanca, Ft. Garland, the Sangre de Cristo Ranches, and Forbes Park, Blanca Networks has great internet that will meet your needs. plus, very helpful technical staff!
Blanca networks is amazing. Great internet and extremely understanding people that work for them!!
The staff will go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met with expertise and efficiency. Could not recommend them, or their products, enough! You will not be disappointed.

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We’ll get you connected to service that is best for your home based on your lifestyle. Let’s get you the internet you to do the things that you do online.